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About World Cassowary Day

World Cassowary Day is a day of celebration to draw international attention to the reasons Cassowaries are globally important and need to be protected.


On World Cassowary Day, we celebrate and showcase the Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius) and the conservation efforts of people working to protect them, their home, and the other unique and endangered animals of the

World Heritage listed Wet Tropics Rainforests. 



but a pandemic won't stop us celebrating. join us.  



What is a Cassowary?

The Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius) is a large, flightless bird with impressive colouring and strong, dinosaur-like feet. 

While the Southern Cassowary is found in Papua New Guinea and surrounding islands, one subspecies – Casuarius casuarius johnsonii – lives in Australia, mostly in the dense, tropical World Heritage listed Wet Tropics rainforests which include the world's oldest continuously surviving rainforests. Cassowary numbers in Australia plummeted until World Heritage listing of the rainforests in 1988. Current population estimates for cassowaries in Australia are just 4000 and habitat loss, car strikes and dog attacks continue to threaten the species. While the World Heritage Area has been critical in halting the decline, cassowaries use other surrounding areas, including on private lands and roadways. Working with people in and out the World Heritage Area is vital to the survival of these magnificent birds.

Not only are cassowaries critical to the survival of the rainforest because they spread the seeds of the unique rainforest trees, but by protecting their home, we protect the homes of many other unique and endangered animals including Tree Kangaroos, Spectacled Flying Foxes and Mahogany Gliders. Not to mention the extremely ancient plant families found nowhere else on Earth. 

Still this place, and these creatures, remain unknown to those not familiar with this unique part of the world. To protect Cassowaries and their World Heritage home, we need the whole world to know about them, so on September 26 - World Cassowary Day - can you help make the magnificent Cassowary famous?


It’s easy and free. 


World Cassowary Day 2020

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Past Events

  • Mission Beach Cassowary Festival
    Sat, 21 Sept
    Ulysses Park
  • Treeforce Tree Planting 400 trees for Cassowaries!
    Sun, 30 Sept
    St andrews college redlynch
    Bring sun smart gear,gloves,covered shoes & water. Supplied morning tea at 9am. Directions:Turn left at the lights opposite Coles at Redlynch Central shopping centre then turn left and park in the school carpark. Follow the signs/power lines into site. Phone 0435 016 906 if lost.
  • Bunda Bundarra Exclusive Site Visit
    Sat, 29 Sept
    Kuranda Conservation Community Nursery
    Kuranda Conservation are inviting applications to attend an open day at Bunda Bundarra. Private property - invitation only - numbers strictly limited. If selected, you will enjoy a picnic morning tea and walk through the property with a chance to get up close to a Cassowary.
  • Celebrating Cassowary Corridor Connectivity
    Sat, 29 Sept
    Lot 66 Tully Mission Beach Road
    Weeding and treeplanting followed by a guided walk to see areas revegetated over the last few years.
  • Green Drinks September - World Cassowary Day Event
    Thu, 27 Sept
    27-29 Greenslopes St
    Hosted by CAFNEC who will be running their usual monthly Green Drinks event with a World Cassowary Day twist: free yummy food, drinks by donation, tunes, interesting folk and a #cassowarypoo themed photo exhibition!
  • Lync-Haven Daintree - World Cassowary Day Quiz Trail
    Wed, 26 Sept
    44 Cape Tribulation Rd
    Come and join Lync-Haven Rainforest Retreat in the Daintree to celebrate World Cassowary Day by taking part in their quiz trail. They have come up with 10 questions and hidden the answers somewhere on their walks. All you have to do is come to Lync-Haven on the 26th and get a question sheet.
  • Cassowary Day @ Kuranda Information Centre
    Wed, 26 Sept
    Therwine Street
    Children's activities, Cassowary chats and information about the Wet Tropics keystone species found in the Kuranda rainforest.
  • Innisfail Cassowary Conservation Day
    Wed, 26 Sept
    2 Stitt St
    Take part in active conservation for Cassowaries with a day down on the Cassowary Coast, working and learning with local Landcare groups about conservation efforts including information talks by Guest Speakers, tour of the local Landcare Nursery, and propagating trees for Cassowary food & habitat
  • Cassowary Festival Fundraiser
    Tue, 25 Sept
    Online event: Buy a calendar to support
    #LoveCassowaries! A World Cassowary Day fundraiser event 100% of proceeds from the Mission Beach - naturally calendar will go toward the 2019 Mission Beach Community Cassowary Festival 2019. BUY ONLINE NOW www.missionbeachcassowaries.com
  • Terrain NRM: Science helping threatened species recovery
    Tue, 25 Sept
    This event is an ongoing online resource!
    Terrain asked CSIRO’s Dr David Westcott to highlight cutting-edge threatened species science in the Wet Tropics region. Check out his recommendations. Also, find out what scientists and others are saying about “Australia’s faunal extinction crisis” and much more!
  • Treeforce Great Northern Clean Up & AGM
    Sun, 16 Sept
    Lower Freshwater Road
    Treeforce is a not-for-profit community tree planting group in Cairns who have been planting up riparian rainforest for over 25 years! They are organising a clean up of one of their planting sites on the beautiful Freshwater Creek on September 16.


Much of World Cassowary Day is organised by volunteers so the best way to get in contact is to contact us via our Facebook page